Voyeur Central
Basic information
Previous mission EuroCorp
Next mission Cayman Global
Propaganda 3
Business cards 1
Weapons APP-3
Voyeur Central is the seventh mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with keeping an eye on Lilian Drawl. ==Characters== *Miles Kilo *Jules Merit ==Walkthrough== You'll start off in a drop ship. Wait until you reach your destination and jump out. Head through the door at the wall in front of you, go downstairs and head through the door on the left. In this room, head through the door on your right and enter a parking garage of sorts. Hack the large garage shutter and rendezvous with Jules Merit. Head left, go downstairs and after you reach a locked fence look to your right. Use Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F to use the device Merit just set up and wait for Merit to finish. Use Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E to activate the monitoring systems after zooming in. Wait until a Cayman Global extraction team of 4 operatives and 1 agent breach the room. The agent then knocks out Lilian, and takes her out of the room, which then you must zip line into the breached room and prevent her extraction. After zipping down the line, go through the breached door and head forward, taking down any guards as you go. To take down the shielded enemy, breach him first using Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E, and then fire everything you go at him. As he uses a shotgun, it might be wise to take him down from a long range. Ignore the elevator he came out of, and once again keep going forward. Eventually you reach a hallway which the Cayman Global operatives will blow up. Use Xbox Leftstick/PlayStation Leftstick/SHIFT to sprint through the wall on the right inside the burning hall. In the apartment you enter, head down the stairs and head outside through the brown front door. Follow the hallway and go through the door in front of you to complete the mission. ==Gallery== UPLOADING... ==Video Walkthrough== UPLOADING ==Collectibles== ===Propaganda=== #After going down the stairs and passing a spray paint tag of an Agent, walk past the door and go through the door on your right. Keep going, and you'll come across the logo. #After you open the shutter doors, head downstairs and look climb on the pipe to your left. Follow this walkway, and you should come across the propaganda here. #In the reception area with the three guards, look to your left. ===Business Cards=== #Inside the kitchen of Lilian Drawl's apartment. ==Weapons== *APP-3

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