While Syndicate has a good storyline, sometimes in the game you might just wonder what happens to people. One that got me really thinking was poor old ralph. This guy was a police officer that was injured in a firefight and is seen being taken care of by another cop. I think that ralph dies because he is bleeding out and they are on, like, the 60th floor with no working elevators. I feel sorry for that guy. In another mission where you travel into an unchipped town, there is a dead man with a business card next to him in the alleyways. It states on this "I want to be an agent someday", which made me instantly think that the unchipped people must have killed him for thinking this.

One Thing I don't understand is how can the unchipped people read the propaganda tags that you use DART vision for? because from what I see, there's no real way of understanding them without DART vision. Even though there's a whole info tag on bond agents, you only get to fight one pair of bond agents in the whole campaign.

Well, these are my opinions, so don't bash me for these. thanks for reading =[ ,_ ,]:3  <--- Nyan Cat

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