UAV Drones are enemies in Syndicate, manufactured by all major Syndicates. They carry a variety of liquid amor protection that makes them resistant to most projectile fire, unless breached.

They are unmanned aerial vehicles that can only be taken down by direct fire, after taking down their shields.

Intel feedEdit

Developed by mst of the major Syndicates, but with negligible performanc differences between the various models, UAVs are controlled by advanced AIs operating with high levels of autonomy. UAVs are able to be deployed in a wide variety of scenarios, from standard security protocols to riot suppression.

Most combat models have a pair-bond interface, allowing them to communicate and be controlled by a chipped human.

The Aspari PD-4 Pacification Drone delivers high volume suppressive firepower from an aerial platform with full UAV maneuverability and fluid matrix shielding from Vanadium Tech. The PD-4 is self-charging and can be set to security roam over a wide range of parameters, for periods of anything up to five years.