Tihomir Darius
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 32
Position Agent
Affiliation Wulf Western
Clearance Grade 10

Tihomir Darius is one of the four playable characters in the Syndicate reboot.


Darius was a son of the working class, employed by EuroCorp in a munitions factory building grenades and cartridges. He quickly became to resent his Syndicate masters, seeing them represent everything he didn't have. As he worked, he learned how to use explosives and found other allies that shared his resenment.

Quietly they began to plan what would soon become the Belgrade Uprising.

Intel feedEdit

Subject: Belgrade Uprising The early Syndicates of Europe needed all the workers they could get, but paid wages that were barely above subsistence level, leading to a growing feeling of resentment against the workers. This growing anger eventually led to a series of armed confrontations against Syndiate personnel on the streets of Belgrade, which ended in the succesful occupation of Syndicate protection assets.

The occupation ended days later in intense fighting as EuroCorp military subsidiaries assaulted the occupied assets.

Name: Tihomir Darius Charges: Corporate terrorism. Destruction of Syndicate property. Murder. Incitement to murder. Sentence: Guilty. 30 years imprisonment. Subject named as leader of the anti-Syndicate anarchists by co-defendants in setence-reduction plea bargaining.

Note: Subject contacted Wulf Western subsidiary. Wulf Western subsequently purchased subject's incarceration rights at standard prisoner sale rates. Transfer to Wulf Western facilities complete.

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