The Wall
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Previous mission Betrayed
Next mission Kris
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Weapons APP-3

The Wall is the fourteenth mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with eliminating Lily Drawl.



Break open the elevator doors using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F and keep going straight until you reach a small lab. Start the generator and retrieve the chip from the Aspari scientist on the chair. Next, breach the control panel on the wall using Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E so you can look outside. Head out through the door on the left and jump down. Head down the stairs and through the door. Breach the mines on the floor and take down the enemies in the open area whilst keep going forward. Head inside by breaking open the doors and sprint through the fire. Take down the enemies in the next room and breach the gas tank to create an exit through the wall. In the next room, take down the two shielded enemies first. After they're all dead, head out through the door on the left and break open the hatch using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F. Head up the ladder to complete the mission.


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