Manufacturer Aser-Tellinger Industries
License I.I.A.
Projectile .45 (auto), 40mm M901 (single, grenade)
Clip size 40-round clip
weight 6.8lb. (3.1 kg)

The TAR-39 is an assault rifle in the Syndicate reboot, manufactured by Aser-Tellinger. It is first found in Assault on Aspari.

Intel feedEdit

Developed by Aser-Tellinger and I.I.A in 2049, the TAR-15 became an instant sales hit. After its extensive use by EuroCorp forces during the New York riots in 2052, the weapons was exported under license to several manufacturers world-wide, among them EuroCorp-controlled Accelle-Sys.

Under license, Accelle-Sys designed a more robust model, releasing the new TAR-39 on the market in 2055.

The TAR-39 is a versatile short-range tactical assault rifle used globally by a wide range of Syndicate security forces. It was designed for close quarter combat scenarios and fires .45 caliber light armor-piercing rounds.

The TAR-39 standard model comes eequipped with a 1x/2.5x red dot digital rangefinder sope with a built-in DPSS laser sight, and can carry an underbarrel grenade launcher attachment.

The characteristic sound of a TAR-39 firing on full auto is sometimes known as the "EuroCorp Anthem", as it is employed by most armed personnel of that Syndicate.


  • Discrete Trigger Override: Pulling the trigger is an art form. Whether you should squeeze or pull, hold your breath or just press and pray. The discrete trigger override is a digital chip-driven mechanism that allows the weapon to compensate intelligently for the stress and skill of whoever is using the TAR-39, significantly reducing scatter by adjusting the millisecond timing of each shot.
  • Electronic Ammo Feed: an electronic ammo feed replaces the mechanical spring-operated magazine with one that utilizes electronic micromotors. This frees up enough space to increase the magazine's capacity by 10 rounds, allowing the user to keep firing.
  • FSS Ammo: Replacing the standard-issue .45 with fin-stabilized steel rounds carried in spindle sabots, the power of the TAR-39 is greatly increased. Borrowing its concept from modern caseless munitions, the replacement of a regular lead projectile with a thin steel projectile causes a much higher degree of internal bleeding, why this ammo is often nick-named "Leeches" or "Suckers".
  • G40 Grenade Launcher: for some additional firepower in tight situations, a front-loaded 40mm under-barrel grenade launcher has been fitted to the TAR-39. Its first conception was for EuroCorp personnel facing Cayman Global security officers that could pick off the close-combat aligned EuroCorp officers from a distance. These grenades allow the TAR-39 to clear out suspected sniper nests.
  • TAR-39 Red-Dot Sight: The TAR is not originally fitted for any scope, relying primarily on its iron sights, but by constructing and deploying a new frame, t can be used with a 1s/2.5x red dot digital rangefinder scope carrying a built-in DPSS laser sight.

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It is strange that the TAR-39 uses a 45 caliber round as most rifles would use a more conventional caliber such as 5.56 or 7.62 calibers, so clearly this is some kind of sub-machinegun. It's possible the designers of the game got the idea for this weapon from Half-Life, which also has an SMG with a grenade laucher.