In the world of Syndicate, a syndicate is a massive conglomeration of several megacorporations that have combined in order to contest the influence of other such unions. By the time of Syndicate (2012), syndicates have already become the dominant global powers, replacing nation-states as the primary unit of government.

In 2069, the three most powerful competing syndicates are EuroCorp, Aspari, and Cayman Global. Wulf Western is also regarded as a major up-and-comer, and the I.I.A., the remnants of the American Central Intelligence Agency, also commands some influence.

EuroCorp takes a major hit to its influence over the course of Syndicate 2012 owing to the actions of sleeper employee Lily Drawl (as well as, to some extent, protagonist Miles Kilo) and by the time of Syndicate (1993) has been reduced to control over only Western Europe. However, it then slowly takes control of the entire world using its improved Agents and Leonardo Device, subsequently loses and then regains its grip on the United States in American Revolt, and then defeats a terrorist uprising in Syndicate Wars.

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