Spire Access
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Previous mission Corporate War
Next mission Burning Tower
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Spire Access is the eighteenth mission in Syndicate. The player has been imprisoned by EuroCorp and to get out of the building with Lilian Drawl.



Head up the staircase until you get the option to breach a system on the wall. Breach all five system nodes in this area to restore power to the elevator. Afterwards, breach the elevator system to send it down. Activate the elevator to go up, and head up the stairs on the right side of the small room. Breach the system here using Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E to raise a set of platforms, and run across before they lower. After you're safely on the opposite platform, breach the system again and enter the vent. Crawl to the end and break open the grate using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F. Take down the enemies that'll enter this room. Afterwards, you'll face another boss. The key is to take cover here, so make sure all server nodes are up. Your enemy can also lower them again, so be careful. All you have to do to kill the rival Agent is shoot him. Just unload your entire magazine on him until he's dead, running from corner to corner. After he's dead, retrieve his chip. A computer system will come up in the center of the room. Activate it using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F and a door on the right side of the room will open. Head inside the room and through the door. In the burning room, look at the ceiling and use Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E to breach into the system and open the door. Head up the stairs, and a wave of enemies will come out the doors. Take them down from cover and head through the door on the right. Head up the stairs and up the ladder. You'll get in another fight here with several enemies. Stay in cover and take them down, and remember to breach the shields of the UAV Drones first. You'll also encounter heavily armored enemy, so be sure to have a strong weapon ready. Head across the now open walkway and breach open the hatch to finish the level.


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