SWARM profile
Manufacturer Castellano Industries
License Cayman Global
Projectile 25mm SSB video-guided missile
Clip size 36 rounds (three 12-missile payloads per mag)
weight 86 lb. (39kg)

The SWARM is a portable missile launcher in Syndicate. The weapon is capable of firing a pod that diverges into twelves individual missiles which are video-guided to their targets.

Intel feedEdit

The SWARM is a high tech semi-automatic missile launcher used mainly by anti-tank infantry and specialized private security units. It has a chip-integrated Direct-Aim-Lock targeting system and fires 25mm SSB video-guided missiles. The missiles are fitted with an onboard nano-sensoring system and composed of casing containing an explosive powder charge.

Each magazine contains three sub-munitions with each holding twelve missiles.

When firing, one sub-munitions payload is ejected from the barrel. Shortly after being ejected, the payload disintegrates in mid-air and fires a swarm of missiles towards its targets. These missiles travel along irregular trajectories, recalculating probable target movement in mid-air.

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  • Drum Refit: One of the first improvements suggested to the SWARM concept was that it had to fire more missiles or else the whole concept of a “SWARM” would be lost. But the scientists didn’t just deliver a bigger missile drum. They also made sure that it worked perfectly with any type of sub munitions and made the weapon future-safe by rebuilding it into ore of a modular weapons platform.
  • Hairtrigger Drum Ejector: By reconfiguring the structural core of the launcher, it becomes possible to eject the entire missile drum at the push of a button. Utilizing this alternate mode, the entire magazine is ejected from the barrel. Shortly after being ejected, the magazine disintegrates and fires all its missiles towards its target. Missiles fired in this manner have a greatly reduced hit probability, but the psychological effect is profound.
  • HEAP Missiles: By replacing the standard HE charge with a high explosive anti-personnel charge, the SWARM missiles are rendered much more dangerous against infantry, but less effective against vehicles. Though illegal in every country on the globe, Syndicates have been reported to deploy such missiles against particularly troublesome demonstration.
  • Shrapnel Charge: Regular SWARM missiles are fitted with onboard sensor systems and composed of a casing containing a high-explosive charge. By attaching an external shrapnel canister to this high-explosive charge, the area of effect is greatly increased. Individual shrapnel has been known to fly off as far as a hundred yards away from detonation, although such occurrences are unusual.
  • FoF Microchip: Microchips for the SWARM had to be adapted from a similar system used by the larger LAW munitions. The smaller rockets of the launcher made adaptation difficult and there is a higher failure rate. Firing on a target near a member of your team is still highly inadvisable.


  • Killing five UAV drones with a single lock-on volley in the campaign will unlock the Gaggle of Guidance achievement.

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