Manufacturer (multiple)
License (multiple)
Projectile Uranium Flechettes
Clip size N/A
weight 15 oz. (430 g)

The SEEF-2 is a weapon in Syndicate. Grenades are carried seperately from the primary or secondary weapons, and have their own ammo count.

Agents are capable of performing an almost instant breach on grenades, disabling their fuse. Agents can also bypass the electronic fuse, automatically triggering the explosion in impact.

Intel feedEdit

The SEEF-2 grenade is a standard anti-personnel fragmentation grenade with a 3'' body, fitted with an electronic fuse system and loaded with uranium-coated flechette shrapnel. It has become the standard issue fragmentation grenade for Syndicates and military forces, produced at over 60 different weapon manufacturers world-wide.

SEEF-2's electronic fuse system, the SEES (Signature Encounter Extension System), detects and reads heat and electromagnetic signatures off humans and mechanical targets. The grenade has a four second fuse.

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