The reflective armor infantry unit or a juggernaut has three layers of liquid armor that each have to be breached and destroyed to breach the next one. This unit can either have a Harbringer G290 mini-gun or the SWARM rocket launcher. In a fight, this unit should be marked as the main priority as it can easily hurt or kill an agent and as it has high durability. When the last layer of liquid armor is destroyed, explosives within the suit activate and explode, severely injuring or killing anything within the blast radius, which can be used to kill any enemies that are around the unit when it explodes. It should be noted that when engaging the unit that you should seek cover and fire at the unit when it stops firing (the unit is scouting the area). There are two methods that it uses which are based on the heavy weapon used, for the mini-gun, the unit stays in one place and fires at targets, for the SWARM rocket launcher however, the unit chases after the target shooting a rocket at it (it is ironic since the rocket launcher should shoot a pod that releases rockets upon detonation). In some cases, the unit may spawn with basic infantry (usually 2 or 3) that may make the battle harder as they will flank your cover and open fire so it is best is if you remove them to make the battle with the juggernaut even.


- The juggernaut may have a high level chip (second to that of an agent) as they have the ability to use heavy weaponry and no applications can be used against it.

- A juggernaut with a mini-gun spawns during the mission Cayman Global along with 2 or 3 basic infantry. This is different from the juggernaut found in the mission The Floating City, which it spawns with a rocket launcher after all infantry has been killed and it spawns with no basic infantry as backup (possibly because the mini-gun variant can't move so the infantry is spawned to flank and kill the target, and the rocket launcher variant chases after the target, which takes over the purpose of having basic infantry).