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Ramon is the eleventh single-player mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with defeating the Cayman Global agent Ramón Rios. Completion of this chapter unlocks the Campaign: La Ballena achievement.



Leave the elevator and turn left. Take down the two unsuspecting guards here, and take the second door on the left. Head downstairs and breach the door in the back of this room using Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E and slide down the ladder. Follow the walkway and you'll be attacked by an Agent. This Agent will fire target-seeking rockets at you. Breach them using Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E so they'll go after him instead. Keep countering his rockets until the Agent jumps on a platform where you can breach him using Xbox Leftbumper/PlayStation L2/E. Do so, and after he goes down attempt to obtain his chip using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F. After Lily saves you, use Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F to retrieve his chip again and head to the dropship she ran towards, and get in.


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