For the weapon this sniper rifle originates from, please see Kusanagi ACR-10.
Kusanagi HSR-6
[[HSR-6 render|250px]]
Manufacturer Takashi Defense Systems
License Tao
Projectile 7.52mm
Clip size 4-round magazine (8 when extended)
weight 20.9lb. (9.5 kg)

The Kusanagi HSR-6 is a sniper rifle manufactured by Takashi Defense Systems and based off the company's successful ACR-10 assault rifle platform.

Intel feedEdit

"Both primary and secondary fire modes both use an extended version of the overpressurized projectile system, breaking through low grade covers. Following the ACR-10's excellent reception, the Takashi Corporation introduced the HSR-6 to high expectations. Restricted to semi-automatic mode, with a new propulsion extension system and designed with a sleek streamlined refit, this long-range repurposing seemed an excellent development. The assassination of the French Prime Minister also gave the weapon notoriety, followed by public outcries against arms development, and unprecedented premiere firearm sales."
–Entry report


  • Muzzle Brake: As the weapon is fired, the newly added muzzle break reduces recoil by redirecting propellant gases in the opposite direction of the recoil. This is a digitally controlled system, compensating each shot individually, with adjustments for tensions in the operator’s muscles and other details that may have detrimental effects for the operator’s accuracy.
  • HVAP (High Velocity, Armor-Piercing) Ammunition: To utilize the hypervelocity capabilities of the HSR-6, special high velocity armor piercing rounds can be used. Shaped with a light metal casing over a hard tungsten-cobalt core, these rounds fuse armor piercing capabilities with extreme stopping power. These projectiles are very likely to ricochet off the bones inside a target’s body, causing irreparable internal injuries.
  • Solid Film Lubricant: Adding a thin solid film lubricant to the action and trigger box of the gun allows for smoother reloading and so increases the guns rate of fire.
  • Magazine Extension: Even if snipers are less likely to burn through their ammunition, the HSR’s multipurpose design forces a few adaptations. Many "one shot = one kill" proponents suggest that the HSR is good enough as it is but field agents end to disagree. An extra 4 rounds of ammo means 4 additional kills.
  • Assault Red Dot Sight: The role of the traditional sniper is fairly useless in an urban environment, where the vertical can be more important than the horizontal. By mounting a supplemental red dot sight at the 45-degree angle to the main scope, it’s possible for the sniper to relocate rapidly and even to partake in close assault operations when needed.
  • MPB Munitions: The mercury penetration bullet adds additional penetration and stopping power to this already fierce assault rifle. Filled with a drop of mercury, these bullets will explode on impact. High inertia of the mercury means it will continue to penetrate into the soft tissue causing devastating wounds.



  • In promotional material, the HSR-6 is visually depicted as an MK14 EBR semi-auto rifle being held by Aidan Fall.