Jules Merit
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Position Agent
Affiliation EuroCorp
Clearance Unknown

Jules Merit is a EuroCorp agent in Syndicate. He is the friend and mentor of Kilo.

Kilo meets Merit after finishing his DART6 training. He was sent to kill Kilo for betraying EuroCorp.


Merit is a rather brusque man, with black hair and black eyes. He wears the normal agent attire; a long black trench coat and agent shoes. In his final boss form, he has fully bullet proof armor on and is seen using either a Harbinger G290, and/or a Castellano CQC- 11.

Personal LifeEdit

Merit was recruited by EuroCorp in his early childhood. Living in the streets before he enrolled to become an  agent. He was first partnered with agent Banks, and assigned as the mentor of Miles Kilo afterwards. When Kilo betrayed Eurocorp, Merit was assigned to kill him, along with Agent Strong and Agent Webb

Boss fightEdit

Merits fight begins with you fighting Agent Strong and agent webb who fight like co-op agents and can reboot each other once you beat them merit leaps down.

Merit is equipped with a unique reactive armor with 3 back up generators, a minigun, and a volley grenade launcher on his back which fires and upwards of 15 grenades in its volley. He fights like any reactive soldier but will stop momentarily to launch grenades and will breach you for backfire hack which blinds you temporarily, deals damage and, unloads your magazine after getting him down to extract his chip he will begin fighting and beating you up till you overpower and then a quick time event where you melee him continuously ending the fight.


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