IPA is a chip functionality in Syndicate. By eliminating enemies and performing breach spikes, adrenaline is generated. The IPA functionality converts this adrenaline in energy for the DART 6 chip.

Intel feedEdit

The adrenaline excess is converted into energy which is used to power the breach Applications and maintaining DART Tactical Overlay. Killing enemies with a Headshot or successfully maintaining a Rampage kill streak, generate more adrenaline than normal liquidation kills.

All Agents are equipped with an Emotional Dampening System desgined to smooth out emotional high and lows. Hooked directly to the endocrine system, it intercepts adrenaline produced by the Agent's system and converts it to stored energy, keeping the Agent's adrenal levels at a stable level.

Killing enemies causes a burst of adrenaline to be created that is intercepted by the EDS.

Killing civilians does not generate a large enough surge of adrenaline to be intercepted by the EDS.

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