Basic information
Previous mission Escape from LA
Next mission Voyeur Central
Propaganda 1
Business cards 1
Weapons None

EuroCorp is the sixth mission in Syndicate. The player meets with Jack Denham for a debriefing, and to attempt to save Jules Merit's life.



Wait until the elevator stops. Head outside and exit the lobby. You'll meet up with Jack Denham. Follow him until you reach a door. Jack will open the first door, and you have to open the second one using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F. Inside the lab, wait until Merit has a seizure and use Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F to hold him. Afterwards, head outside the door on the left side of the room and follow Jack into the elevator.


Video WalkthroughEdit




  1. When you're in the elevator, look for the EuroCorp symbol as you look at the building. You'll have to activate the DART overlay before the elevator stops.

Business CardsEdit

  1. After you enter the lobby, look to your right. The card should be on the coffee table near a bunch of couches.



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