Enemy archetypesEdit


Sub category of soldiers who generally are seen as the eurocorp soldiers

Basic SoldierEdit

Basic soldiers are the rank-and-file of the Syndicates, and the most common enemy found in the game.

-Soldiers are capable of ducking, and sidestepping though uncommon -They can wield hand held shields, sniper rifles, and grenades -They fight like basic FPS soldiers ducking behind cover crouching and attempting to shoot at you from a distance of you try and melee them they may strike you and start back stepping


Two regular foot soldiers


Sergeants are an offshoot of the standard enemy troopers. They use the Castellano CQC-11 Combat Shotgun as their main weapon in close combat, while those engaging from long range favor the LAWS-92 Rocket Launcher instead.

They stand out from normal soldiers because of their distinctive black-and-white bodysuit and their helmet with a black visor. Sergeants are also notable for the fact that their surname is always displayed beside them in an Agent's heads-up display (exempli gratia. "Sgt. Valderde"), along with a bar displaying their current health.

In combat, they are all-round greater threats than their basic counterparts, boasting increased defense against enemy attack and greater firepower. They are also capable of performing the "duck-and-weave" move. When killed, they provide a "Sergeant Kill" score bonus, and a "Sergeat Kill Assist" bonus to those who help an Agent in killing said foes.

In co-op they usually wield 'special weapon' generally a Coil laser rifle or a gauss rifle

Liquid Armor TrooperEdit

Liquid Armor
Liquid Armor Troopers are a special soldier archetype. One of the most uncommonly encountered hostile types in the game, they wear "Liquid Armor", technologically advanced body armor which uses electromagnetic shielding to protect the wearer from gunfire. The name "liquid" stems from the ripple effect emitted by the shield while deflecting gunfire. In order to defeat these types of enemies an agent must breach and crystalize their armor rendering the enemy vulnerable. They have a chance of being a "sergeant" in co-op where breaching them is much slower they also avoid cover

EMC jammer trooperEdit

These soldiers fight exactly like normal soldiers just they have an Area of effect that blocks out breaching both in and out of it.

Reactive Armor TrooperEdit

Reactive armor troopers have the same system as "liquid Armor troopers" but they have 2 extra back up generators requiring multiple breaches they tend to wield heavy weapons like the SWARM,minigun, or flamethrower.

They simply walk towards you in combat and on the last breach will automatically kill them in multiplayer, firing at them on their second-third health bar will cause them to stagger back and fall down

In co-op they are seen as "lieutenants".

=Specter Armor soldiersEdit

These enemies where prototype diffraction armor which negates some damage but mostly makes them difficult to see they wield SMG's and will counter Melee you if you get close enough to try

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