EMW-56 profile
Manufacturer Mao-Murdoch Ltd.
License Contractor, non-aligned
Projectile 5.4x56mm
Clip size 46 rounds
weight 14.3 lb. (6.5 kg)

The EMW-56 (or Gauss Gun) is a fully automatic, lock-on gauss rifle developed by Mao-Murdoch Ltd. featured in Syndicate. The weapon marks its first appearance in the game's second mission, "Assault on Aspari".

Intel feedEdit

The Mao-Murdoch EMW-56 Gauss Carbine is a fully automatic portable delivery system for Mao Industries' patented 5.4x56mm PP-X programmable projectile range.

Initial development and production is conducted in the Zürich facilities, but the model's need for extensive trace calibration requires Mao-Murdoch engineers to be on site during implementation. These contractors are embedded with the R&D and development departments for each individual client Syndicate.

Initial targeting feeds a coded seek protocol into each PP-X shell on firing, until the deemed target is registered by the carbine's processor as neutralized, or the weapon clip fires empty. The EMW-56 features a one-touch visual lock for run-and-gun glimpse targeting, and a variable capacity receiver to accommodate Mao's full range of jacketed, armor piercing, explosive or incendiary modes.

The EMW-56 is by far the lightest electromagnetic assault weapon on the market today.

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  • DMD System: Deferred Munitions Detonation is the simple concept of waiting to explode the internal explosives until after penetration has occurred. As systems go, this is a small change to the computer software of the EMW-56, but the fine-tuning and balancing has been a real challenge for scientists.
  • KERB Munitions:
  • Munitions Miniaturization: Minimizing the size of the discarding sabots for the smart bullets, it's possible to store more ammo in a magazine. The magazines are also lighter, allowing Gauss gun marksmen to carry more ammunition than their equivalents in opposing Syndicates.


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