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Downzone is the twelfth mission in Syndicate. The player is tasked with making their way to EuroCorp headquarters.



After exiting the dropship, assist Lily Drawl using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F so she can get on the ladder. She'll open the shutter of the garage. Run through it, and head to the right until you reach a grate which you can break open. Do so using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F, and follow the sewer system to a small room until you reach a hatch. Break it open using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F and head right. Go up the stairs. Ahead of you is a small control room. Enter it, and pull the lever there using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F which activates the lights. Head toward the fence, break the lock off using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F and head up the right stairs. Activate the lift using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F to move the platform. Next, jump on the shelves to your left and jump on the platform. Use Xbox Leftstick/PlayStation Leftstick/SHIFT to sprint and jump over the gap. Activate the lift using the lever ahead and traverse the platform again. Go straight, down two sets of stairs until you reach a closed gate. Break the lock using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F and head left after going downstairs. Keep walking ahead, go up the stairs and break open another door using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F. Follow the streets until you reach the building at the end of the street. Head inside the building and go to the hallway on the right. Head up the stairs until you reach some doors you can break open. Do so using Xbox A/PlayStation Cross/F and run across the walkway.


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