DART Overlay is an ability that any user of the DART 6 chip can use to slow down time and increase damage and damage resistance. DART overlay comes to effect when the chip is "overclocked", which increases his damage resistance, damage dealt, and due to his strengthened reflexes, the world seems to slow down around him. Overlay is effective when you have to deal with fast or invisible targets as it will sense any heat signature and any targets will move slower than the player, which makes it easy to damage agents while not taking a lot of damage yourself. Unlike any of the applications, Overlay charges quickly and does not require the player to kill enemies to earn adrenaline to charge it as it only takes 2-3 seconds when not used to charged (bar instantly fills to 100%). Overlay can be cancelled by pressing the activation button when Overlay is active, which is especially if you manage to eliminate all threats before Overlay expires, which leaves extra power if it is required shortly after (first a group of enemies then a fight with an agent is an example).


- Most upgrades to Miles's chip is to upgrade DART Overlay (regenerate health, increased resistance, etc)

- Some enemy agents can easily kill you even if you are in DART Overlay (Ramon as his rocket barrage when scrambler is active could take you out instantly if all rockets hit while in Normal difficulty or Taos as when he makes clones that will chase you past cover firing at you with TAR-39 assault rifles)

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