DART overlay is a special ability in Syndicate. Any agent equipped with the DART 6 chip has the ability to use it.


DART Vision greatly enhances the accuracy, combat efficiency and awareness of an agent. After activating the ability, the DART 6 Chip will temporarily be overclocked. This overclock will last several seconds, and will allow the agents to see through walls and take down their enemies using unsurpassed accuracy.

Intel feedEdit

DART Overlay speeds up the Agent's information processing ability at the same time as increasing the response rate of all the Agent's implants, effectively slowing down the perception of time.

Through a mixture of auditory filtering, visual tracking and chip detection, all enemies that have previously been spotted will be marked an visibly tracked; displaying their internal chip systems when visible and predicting their position when behind cover and otherwise out of sight. This allows breaching and, for sniper rifles, aimed shooting at targets behind cover.

Due to overclocking of the metabolic processors, the damage taken by an Agent is reduced.

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