Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 23
Position Agent
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Clearance Grade 11

Akuma is one of the four playable agents in co-op of the Syndicate reboot.


Growing up an orphan in the downzones of Chiba City, Akuma lived a life of minor crime to stay alive. As a Buraka, she met only discrimination and contempt from those around her, and learned to trust no one and always have an escape plan.

Intel feedEdit

This towering paranoia helped her immensely, constantly eluding arrest and passing through top-class surveillance systems without notice. It didn't take long before she was absorbed into the Yakuza who could put her special skills to great use.

When the Yakuza was silently and compeletely absorbed into the machinery of the Aspari Syndicate, the infiltration missions she had been performing quickly turned into assassination missions. Several Aspari opponents disappeared quickly, their deaths always pinned on someone other than Akuma.

In an operation against Wulf Western, Akuma was discovered and offered the chance to sign on as a double Agent, which she accepted. Technically still an Aspari associate, Akuma has become an invaluable infiltration asset and one of Wulf Western's top Agents.

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