Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 34
Position Driver and Pilot
Affiliation Wulf Western
Clearance Grade 12

Akela is a character in Syndicate. She pilots Wulf Western's offensive vehicles against enemy Syndicates.


Akela was contracted by Wulf Western one week before the attack against the Saint Denis downzone.

The vehicles she pilots are purpose-built for Wulf Western's offensive against enemy Syndicates. They are W-1 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) and the W-2 Dropship. Both repurposed from stolen prototype schematics.

Akela's skills are highly regarded in the company and suggest a background in the military, as she keeps her cool even under enemy fire and seems adept at dangerous stealth runs under the radar.

Her speciality is rapid hit-and-run operations. A perfect match for Wulf Western's current agenda.

Intel feedEdit

A word of caution is always issued to new recruits to wait for the pilots "go" signal before disembarking the W-2 Dropship. If the engines haven't been toned down or folded up, the rocket exhaust is powerful enough to crush every bone in their bodies.

Most people experience various degrees of discomfort with Akela behind the controls, as she seems to disregard most safety rules and focus entirely on the mission at hand. For hardened agents, this is no problem at all, but "Akelaphobia" has been a running joke among troops at the Wulf Western base.

Evidence suggests that Akela is not a person at all, but a highly sophisticated vehicle computer derived from a prototype DART6 chip stolen from EuroCorp engineers. Akela images circulated by Agent Darius are supposed to be images of the original computer engineer that created the DART6: Lily Drawl.

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