Aidan Fall
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 53
Position Senior Agent
Affiliation Wulf Western
Clearance Grade 17

Aidan Fall is one of the four playable co-op characters in Syndicate.


A career police detective, Aidan Fall has earned quite a reputation until he attempted to arrest some of EuroCorp's executives during a raid against an illegal cryogenics facility. Facing immense pressure from EuroCorp and mounting illicit rumors, Fall was deemed unfit for duty and summarily fired.

Intel feedEdit

Rumors continue to surround embattled Detective Aidan Fall as he struggles to protest his innocence against mounting allegations of child molestation, rape and rampant alcoholism. Senior EuroCorp executives arrested last month in a blatant blackmail attempt by Fall testitfied today that Fall wanted Eurocorp's protection and would trump up charges of illegal human trafficking if they refused to help.

Without a job and bothered by an undeserved reputation, Fall has nothing else to do than to start over. Working his way up as a bounty hunter, he was eventually recognized for his unique combination of police know-how and ruthlessness.

Accepting jobs as a contract killer for various organizations, Fall excelled as a professional killer and was soon supervising armed assaults and taking part in carefully planned hit-and-runs. One of the organizations he worked for during this period grew to become part of the Wulf Western Syndicate.

Fall became the first Agent on Wulf Western's payroll.

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